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Free Game - Kim Jong Golf

Kim Jong Golf

Play a round of golf as our Glorious Leader.

Free Game - Animal Mahjong

Animal Mahjong

Mahjong using animal tiles with ten different layouts. Shows how many free pairs are left, and offers hints. Clever design and worth a look.

Free Game - Monster Truck Maniac

Monster Truck Maniac

Take control of a Monster Truck and try to pass a number of tricky challenges.

Free Game - Red Remover BLAST

Red Remover BLAST

Use explosions to remove the red shapes but keep the green shapes on the screen.

Free Game - Clicker Heroes

Clicker Heroes

Be a hero a click your way through through an endless stream of enemies and bosses.

Free Game - Physics Shape Shooter

Physics Shape Shooter

Test your skill with this stylish level based shoot 'em up game.

Free Game - Super Weird Invaders

Super Weird Invaders

Waves of super weird aliens are travelling towards Earth. It's up to you to pilot a weird spaceship and defend humanity.

Free Game - Stupidity Tester

Stupidity Tester

How stupid are you? Take this test and you will finally know for sure.

Free Game - Descending Balls

Descending Balls

Shoot the colored balls to eleminate them in this fast paced puzzle game. Can you reach level 10?

Free Game - Feed The Animals

Feed The Animals

The animals are hungry but they can't reach the food. Use a cannon to perform trickshots and knock these adorable (but dumb) critters into their dinner.

Free Game - Pest Destroyer

Pest Destroyer

A fun physics puzzle game where you must destroy the pests using a variety of interesting weapons.

Free Game - Divider


No long division required, PHEW! Can you divide shapes into the correct number of pieces in this brain teasing physics puzzler?

Free Game - Super Stacker 2

Super Stacker 2

A quirky puzzle game. Try to stack the shapes without any falling off the screen!

Free Game - Uniwords


Launch the ball through space to spell words in this word/physics game mash-up. This free game has a slow pace and soothing music. It's the perfect game to help you relax.

Free Game - Wonder Rocket

Wonder Rocket

Launch, crash and upgrade until you finally reach space.