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Free Game - Bubble Shooter 3

Bubble Shooter 3

Enjoy this updated version of Bubble Shooter. Each time you clear the board you move up a rung on the ladder. How high can you climb?

Free Game - Sushi Cat 2

Sushi Cat 2

Nobody loves sushi quite like Sushi Cat. Eat your way to victory in this colorful skill game!

Free Game - Earn to Die 1.5

Earn to Die 1.5

Use your car to plow through zombies and get as far as you can. The further you go the more money you get for upgrades. Can you escape?

Free Game - Simple motions 2

Simple motions 2

Simple Motions returns with some fantastic new puzzles. It's up to you to guide the wobbly jelly balls to the flags by carefully placing commands on the screen.

Free Game - Disaster Will Strike

Disaster Will Strike

Nobody likes bad eggs. It's a little extreme to wish natural disasters on them but that's exactly what they'll face in this game. Play as Mother Nature and use every trick in the book to destroy those eggs!

Free Game - Monster Truck Maniac 2

Monster Truck Maniac 2

Drive a Monster Truck around like a maniac...

Free Game - Nutty Mania

Nutty Mania

Hurl the squirrels through the air to gather as many nuts as possible.

Free Game - Pursuit of Hat

Pursuit of Hat

This hat costs an arm and a leg, literally!

Free Game - Mega Mash

Mega Mash

Your multi-game cartridge has broken and all of the games are playing at once! How far will you get in this bizarre 7 game mash up?

Free Game - Simple Motions

Simple Motions

Use tokens to help the red jelly ball collect all of the stars then reach the red flag.

Free Game - Awesome Tanks

Awesome Tanks

Is there any other kind of tank? Enjoy this colorful top down shooter.

Free Game - Pirates of the Stupid Seas

Pirates of the Stupid Seas

Sink the stupid pirate ships in this action physics projectile game.

Free Game - Cut The Rope Online

Cut The Rope Online

Play Cut The Rope online for free!

Free Game - Axon


Hey reader, grow a brain! I'm not being rude, that is literally the goal in this game. Act smart and connect to proteins as quickly as possible to expand your neural network.

Free Game - Decision


To kill zombies or not to kill zombies? That is the decision. It seems like a no-brainer to me!