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Free Game - Bee Honey

Bee Honey

Match the bees to collect the honey.

Free Game - Catch the Candy Mech

Catch the Candy Mech

Candy anyone?

Free Game - Dinosaurs and Meteors

Dinosaurs and Meteors

Help the dinosaurs survive by shooting all the incoming meteors.

Free Game - Lava Climber

Lava Climber

Can you reach the end of the level before the lava gets you?

Free Game - Snow Tale

Snow Tale

Explore the snowy hills of Snow Tale killing any enemies that happen to cross your path... with snowballs! This is an adorable platform game which bares a slight resemblance to Kirby's Dream Land.

Free Game - The Several Journeys of Reemus: Ch.4

The Several Journeys of Reemus: Ch.4

It is up to Reemus and Liam to save the world from a deadly invasion of death slugs. Can you help guide them through the latest chapter in this point and click adventure?

Free Game - Zombies Can Fly

Zombies Can Fly

How far can you shoot the zombie? Find out in this distance challenge game! There are lots of upgrades you can buy as you reach greater distances, adding to the fun.

Free Game - Redshift


Fly your ship destroying everything in your path. As you take out enemies you gain experience which will help you level up. How far can you progress and can you beat the boss battles?

Free Game - Arzea


You are a wizard trapped in an unknown world. You must master new skills, spells and fight powerful enemies to escape.

Free Game - The Sound Walk

The Sound Walk

Having sold your soul to become the greatest composer of all time you are now filled with fear and regret. Can you walk through the underworld to the beat and retrieve all of the pieces of your soul?

Free Game - Eternal Space

Eternal Space

A series of "break out" style mini games played with a huge round paddle.

Free Game - Easter Island Mystery

Easter Island Mystery

An utterly surreal point and click game. It's up to you to save the world from global warming by randomly clicking on things until you solve the mystery of Easter Island!

Free Game - Falling Blocks

Falling Blocks

Try to survive in a world of falling blocks!

Free Game - SplitMan


Use rotating blades to split yourself in 2 then use your clones to help beat the levels. DON'T TRY THIS AT HOME KIDS!

Free Game - Helly Yeah

Helly Yeah

Pilot a helicopter through a challenging assault course while using bombs to blow the obstacles to bits.