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Free Game - Mahjong


Playing this ancient Chinese board game is a great way to relax and exercise your brain at the same time.

Free Game - Mahjong (with hints!)

Mahjong (with hints!)

Exactly the same as the original Mahjong (the one that ends with an animation of a volcano!) but with the addition of a "Show moves" button if you get stuck for the next move.

Free Game - Mahjong Ninja

Mahjong Ninja

A Mahjong version with FIVE levels of difficulty - Ninja is the most difficult. The hint button gives a list of ALL the tiles that could be removed, so you still have to look for them!

Free Game - Looney Tunes Mahjong

Looney Tunes Mahjong

A Mahjong game with Looney Tunes characters on the tiles! Complete with a hint button, this is ideal for kids. Great fun!

Free Game - Mahjong Slide

Mahjong Slide

Slide similar tiles together to delete them from the board (Click on tile and drag - arrow shows direction). Elegant multi-level Japanese game from Yoshio Ishii.

Free Game - Mahjong Gardens

Mahjong Gardens

Strikingly beautiful design for this classic Chinese patience game with a choice of five layouts. You will either love or hate the birds in the background!

Free Game - Shanghai Mahjong

Shanghai Mahjong

Classic Mahjong game - click on similar tiles to delete them. A choice of levels - either the classic Shanghai Mahjong or a simpler kid's version.

Free Game - Mahjong Connect
Free Game - Animal Mahjong

Animal Mahjong

Mahjong using animal tiles with ten different layouts. Shows how many free pairs are left, and offers hints. Clever design and worth a look.

Free Game - Mahjong Mayhem

Mahjong Mayhem

A Mahjong game which uses tiles with images from the movie Kung Foo Panda in eight different layouts. Note that Courage, Peace, Love and Friend tiles all match, as do the flowers.

Free Game - Mahjong Tea

Mahjong Tea

Nice clear "wooden" tiles, but with patterns to do with tea! Look carefully at the "Chinese" writing on some of the tiles. Very Difficult!

Free Game - Ancient Mahjong

Ancient Mahjong

Classical Mahjong tiles game on 70 different levels. The paired tiles available are highlighted, and when there are no more moves the remaining tiles are reshuffled automatically. Which is your favorite level?

Free Game - Black and White Mahjong

Black and White Mahjong

Although this is the classic Mahjong game with a familiar layout, tiles only match when the designs are the same, but one tile is Black and the other White. Excellent graphics.

Free Game - Mahjong Cats

Mahjong Cats

A Mahjong variant using cartoons of cats on the tiles. It has 21 levels and is a lot better than it sounds! Includes built-in walkthroughs for all levels.

Free Game - Mahjong Time

Mahjong Time

A different kind of Mahjong game - in this one time is limited. But you can also stop or slow down time by matching the appropriate tiles. "Watch" it!

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