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Android vs iPhone for Free Games

Looking to get a new phone or tablet?  Not sure which operating system to get?  There is more to consider than just the phone specifications.  If like me you love to play lots of free games, you might be interested to hear which operating system has more.  There is a clear winner - Android.  It's not even close!  most games on Android are free.  Even big name brands like Rovio (creators of Angry Birds) will often release their games as a paid app on iPhone but off the exact same game for free on Android.  It's a well known fact among game developers that iPhone customers are much more willing to pay for apps than Android ones.  As a result they usually release their games for free on Android but paid on iOS.  Developers will often release games on iOS first, so that is the biggest advantage of the iPhone.  However, there are tens of thousands of games for each format now which should take the sting out of waiting a little longer.  As for other formats (blackberry play store, Amazon fire phone, windows phone) they really just don't have the same selection that iPhone and Android do.  So, in conclusion, if you love playing free games we recommend you buy an ANDROID phone or tablet.

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