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Best Free Games of the Week – 11th September 2011

Featuring Dead Metal, Gluey 2, Saving the Company, Line of Fire and Spectromancer: Gamer Pack.

Its Sunday and what better way to end the week than with a review of the best Free Games released onto the web this week.  This week has seen the release of some awesome shooting games such as Dead Metal and Line of Fire as well as two really popular card games, namely Spectromancer:  Gamer Pack and the memory matching game Pike Club Platinum.  There have also been some gooey physics puzzlers released, both Goosplosion and Gluey 2 are really good as is the non - gooey physics puzzler Match and Remove.  This weeks best platform adventure games released include Saving the Company (see below) and Vulpin Adventure, where you guide your fully customisable Vulpin through different environments fighting monsters along the way.  Another popular game released is Newgrounds' Toys vs Nightmares, which is a defense game heavily inspired by Plants vs Zombies where you must defend yourself and your toys from your approaching nightmares.  Two notable tower defense games have also been released this week - Creepy Ranger TD and Glissaria.  In Creepy Ranger TD you must defend your towers from a multitude of halloween inspired baddies whilst in Glissaria you must help your king defend the northern quadrant of Glissaria from an outbreak of monsters.

Although all the games mentioned above are definitely worthy of a play, our five favorite free games released this week are listed below… enjoy!

  • Dead Metal - Dead Metal is a point and click space battleship top down shooter featuring a very cool soundtrack.  In the game you are involved in a space war and must fight your enemy whilst dodging their missiles.  The game features more than 30 different enemies so there is plenty to blow up and destroy with your amplitude of different weapons.  There are five missions for you to complete, with the final mission being a survival mission where you must see how long you can last with loads of enemy ships coming down on you.
  • Gluey 2 - Gluey 2, the sequel to Gluey, is a colorful, cheerful and strangely addicting physics puzzle game.  In the game you must group and remove glue blobs of the same color to get them to disappear before your screen fills up.  There is something mesmerizing about the gloopy blobs being squirted onto the screen and the squelchy sound effects are awesome.  Once you start eliminating the glue, you probably won't be able to stop!
  • Saving the Company - Saving the Company is platform puzzle adventure game where you must save your company from going under by retrieving treasure from a trap infested, puzzle filled dungeon.  Surely this would earn the title of employee of the month?  Although Saving the Company is a rather short game that will probably only take you about 10 minutes to complete, it is well worth a play!
  • Line of Fire - Line of Fire is a side scrolling jet aircraft shooter game with hordes of enemies to destroy.  The game is hand - drawn on a lined paper background, is brilliantly animated and has a full voice over.  In the game you are a cute little paper airplane on a mission to annihilate everything in your path.  The game starts of easy but becomes insanely difficult very quickly.
  • Spectromancer:  Gamer Pack - This is an improved version of Spectromancer:  Truth & Beauty.  Spectromancer is a fantasy card strategy game where you engage in magical duels with other Mages by summoning mystical creatures and casting spells.  There are five elements to a duel - Earth, Fire, Water and Air as well as a fifth element that is dependent upon the type of duel.  Once you have defeated all of the other Mages you become the Spectromancer!

Hope you enjoyed our round up of the best free games of the week!  Check back next Sunday for a run down of next weeks best free games!

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