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Red Remover BLAST launching Sunday!

Red Remover has been played over 115 million times.  On Sunday the explosive sequel is being released!  Here’s a trailer: The game will be free on the app store for both the iPhone and iPad.  If you enjoyed Red Remover you’ll love it! How to play: In the original game the goal was to remove all [...]


The Cheese Hunter


The Cheese Hunter is a new free puzzle game coming soon to The object of the game is to deliver the morsel of cheese to the mouse hole. The game features various objects that will make this goal more challenging. The game also requires you to use your resourcefulness and whatever items are on [...]

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Catapon Review


How would you like to play Angry Birds in 3D? If the answer is yes then Capaton is the game for you! Although this game is not very original it literally adds a new dimension to the gameplay. The goal, much like Angry Birds, is to kill all of the baddies by catapulting projectiles at [...]

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Brawler Bear Arena Preview


Brawler Bear Arena is a free side-scrolling beat-em-up created by Super Donkey Balls. There are already plenty of free games in this genre however this one is looking especially good. What seperates it from the rest is the huge amount of customisation, upgrades and items that you can collect. To help manage these there is [...]

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Coming Very Soon: MiniRacing 3D


Keep an eye out for MiniRacing 3D – a new 3D free racing game developed by Kraken Game Studio that will be released very soon. The game features great 3D graphics, a fantastic original soundtrack and includes three different race types: Time Trial, Quick Race, Challenge & Championship. The game also has three different modes [...]

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Game Preview: Super Rozek


Super Rozek is an arcade game in the same vein as Cannabalt. God knows what Super Rozek is, some kind of platypus I think. Anyway that doesn’t matter and your goal is simple – score as many points as possible. You can earn points by collecting stars, smashing through glass jars/creatures, and reaching further distances. [...]


Out Soon: Lazerman


You are the victim of an experiment conducted at a secret military lab. They have detached your head from your body. Fortunately the experiment has also bestowed your disembodied head with greatly improved power and endurance . With these powers it’s up to you to smash everything throughout the sprawling complex of laboratories so that [...]


Upcoming Game: Lost Space


You are a spaceship pilot. During long journeys you enter a self-induced state of hibernation – very handy so that you can wake up at your destination without aging along the journey. This time something has gone wrong however and you have woken up deep inside an alien space station. Are the aliens hostile or [...]


Game Preview: Demons vs Fairyland


The people of Fairyland are after you. Why? They want their babies back. In this epic Tower Defense game you get to be the bad guy and we’re talking really bad. You must fight your way back to the dark forest with as many Fairyland babies as possible. Raise an army of skeletons, command powerful [...]


Coming Soon: Felix B Space Jump Game


On October 14th 2012 Felix Baumgartner broke the world skydive record by leaping from the stratosphere. It is estimated that he jumped from a height of 39 kilometres. Soon, thanks to an intrepid game developer, you will have the chance to beat his jump! You too will jump from the stratosphere. A simple jump like [...]