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Red Remover BLAST launching Sunday!

Red Remover has been played over 115 million times.  On Sunday the explosive sequel is being released!  Here’s a trailer: The game will be free on the app store for both the iPhone and iPad.  If you enjoyed Red Remover you’ll love it! How to play: In the original game the goal was to remove all [...]


Small Paul, Tall Paul

Paul is ordinary in every way except two.  Every time he eats a grape he shrinks to one tenth his usual size.  His Doctor claims it is caused by a very rare allergic reaction.  So rare in fact he is the only sufferer.  To describe his tiny state his mother has coined the nickname “Small [...]


Rotten Rutter

Rotten Rutter is an interesting point and click adventure that is currently in production.  Gameplay is similar to the classic adventure games by Lucas Arts and, more recently, Tall Tale Studios.  The game stars Rutter; an anti-hero who has his heart set on world domination.  Unfortunately for him (and fortunately for everybody else) he is [...]