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Red Remover BLAST – Web Version Launched Today!

Red Remover BLAST icon

Red Remover BLAST is now free to play on the internet. Check out this blog post to find out more about the game and why it took me so long to make a sequel!


New Free Game: Descending Balls


In Descending Balls you use your mouse to aim and shoot in order to eliminate balls. In order to eliminate balls, three or more balls of the same color must touch each other. To clear a level, you must eliminate all the balls on the screen. This would be easy if the balls weren’t constantly [...]

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New Free Game: Pest Destroyer

Pest Destroyer

We are proud to announce that we have just published another brand new game!  Play it here first before any other site on the internet.  The game is called Pest Destroyer.  As the title suggests you have been charged with the role of destroying some kind of pest.  What is the pest?  Nobody knows.  Some [...]


New Free Game: Uniwords

uniwords is proud to sponsor Uniwords, a brand new physics spelling game created by Ticklebot.  Yes you read that right it’s a physics spelling game!  The basic concept is that you launch a meteor through space using the gravitational pull of different planets to make it collect all of the letters.  Aim carefully however as [...]