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Hardest Game Beaten with Only 11 Deaths!

Hardest Game is pretty hard. It didn’t prove much trouble for Redditor undergroundmonorail though. He first managed to beat it with 33 deaths and now he’s got it down to 11. Amazing! Can you beat that? Check out the video below to see him in action.  


Red Remover BLAST Walkthrough

Red Remover BLAST Walkthrough

Some of the challenges in Red Remover BLAST are hard to beat. These walkthrough videos contain the solution to every level on or under par.

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Divider Walkthrough

Divider is a new online game presented by  It’s a challenging game so we have set up this page to help! Video Walkthrough How to Play At the bottom of the screen there is a target number. Your goal is to cut the red shapes until there is that many pieces on the screen. [...]

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Feed the Animals Walkthrough


Feed The Animals is a brand new skill/puzzle game brought to you by  Some of the levels are tricky so here is a full video walkthrough showing the solutions for every level.  Please only use it if you’re really stuck though.  Figuring out the solutions for yourself is half the fun! Video Walkthrough Stuck? [...]


A Complete Video Walkthrough for Mad Shapes 3


Mad Shapes 3 is a brand new physics puzzle game created by Hitab Games.  Some of the levels are tricky so if you find yourself stuck don’t worry, help is at hand.  First of all lets talk about how to play.  The goal of the game is to place the big colored shapes so that [...]

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A Guide to Infectonator 2


Infectonator is back with better graphics and better upgrades so that you can have even more fun infecting people and turning them into Zombies.  To start a zombie infection you must select the city you wish to infect from your world map and then select an area of your chosen city in which to release [...]


Rew 2 Complete Video Walkthrough


Like it’s predecessor Rew 2 is a funny old game. Rather than progress through the story in the normal way the entire game is played in reverse. Inspiration was no doubt taken from a great movie called “Memento”. If you haven’t seen that before it’s time you did! It was written and directed by Christopher [...]

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Angry Birds Online – Walkthrough, Hints and Tips

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We noticed that the visitors of love playing Angry Birds Online so we thought we would help you out in your quest to beat Angry Birds Online. We have posted a walkthrough video of the game along with lots of information about Angry Birds that might be of interest to fans!

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Match and Remove Walkthrough

Match and Remove is a physics puzzle game in which you must get the colorful blocks to disappear by matching like color blocks. Although the levels start off easy they become progressively more challenging as the game proceeds! Playing Match and Remove is simple! You just point your mouse cursor at the blocks and click [...]

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Riddle Transfer Walkthrough

JonBro has been making point and click adventure games for the last 5 years now.  Each game has been better than the last and I consider this one to be the pinnacle of his work so far.  If you haven’t played it already check it out now! Play Riddle Transfer I’ve been a fan of this [...]

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