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Crazy French Youtuber Is Attempting to Review Every New Game on Newgrounds in 2015!

After submitting a game to Newgrounds today I recieved this cheerful message from a French chap going by the name of Dr Pi:

Yo amigo,

I'm the Doctor Pi, a french video game tester and I test all new games in newgrounds in 2015.
So you can find the test of Penguin Bubble in the link just bellow (ok this is in french...) and it takes the note of 5/10.

See yo FreeGames-org!

Happy pixel to you!

Docteur Pi

At first I thought this part must be a typo "I test all new games in newgrounds in 2015" so I sent him a message to check:

Hey thanks!

I enjoyed your review (what I understood of it anyway :)

"I test all new games in newgrounds in 2015."

Are you going to try and test all the new games!? :O

And here is his response:

Yes that's my challenge :D
I hope to review an other game of you in the future :)

See you soon!
Happy pixel to you,

Docteur Pi

So yes, this guy is actually attempting to video review every new game on Newgrounds in 2015.  I'm sure there must be atleast 5 a day, maybe even 10?  If you check his Youtube channel he's doing pretty well so far.  You can watch his reviews on his Youtube channel here (note: the reviews are in French!):

Good luck my crazy French Amigo!



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