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The Long Arm of the Lawn

You may think the title is a typo. It isn’t. This is not a game about the British police force (the long arm of the law) but instead a game about a garden lawn from which a giant arm has sprouted. The game takes place in inner city London. The lawn in question is your [...]

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Smokey Salmon Super Slap

Smokey Salmon Super Slap is shaping up to be a truly bizarre game. As the player you take control of a salmon called Smokey. Smokey was bred in a laboratory as part of a gene splicing experiment. The goal of this particular experiment was to birth a Salmon with human arms. The experiment was a [...]

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Divider Walkthrough

Divider is a new online game presented by  It’s a challenging game so we have set up this page to help! Video Walkthrough How to Play At the bottom of the screen there is a target number. Your goal is to cut the red shapes until there is that many pieces on the screen. [...]

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Feed the Animals Walkthrough


Feed The Animals is a brand new skill/puzzle game brought to you by  Some of the levels are tricky so here is a full video walkthrough showing the solutions for every level.  Please only use it if you’re really stuck though.  Figuring out the solutions for yourself is half the fun! Video Walkthrough Stuck? [...]


The Cheese Hunter


The Cheese Hunter is a new free puzzle game coming soon to The object of the game is to deliver the morsel of cheese to the mouse hole. The game features various objects that will make this goal more challenging. The game also requires you to use your resourcefulness and whatever items are on [...]

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Psy New Video

Unrelated to games but check out Psy’s new video, Gentleman: I really wanted to hate this video but I just can’t. If you thought the South Korean viral sensation was finally fading into obscurity you’re wrong. His latest effort has got everything that made Gangnam Style so popular and even a little more. I don’t [...]


Eggards Adventure Walkthrough


This is a walkthrough for Eggards Adventure. Eggards Adventure is a puzzle adventure free game that features really cute graphics and unique gameplay. The game consists of 30 smart puzzles for you to solve in order to help One – Eyed Eggard find his princess. The game has very unique gameplay where you must think [...]

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Escape Fast Preview


Escape Fast is an energetic 3D driving game. You play as a bank robber who had been double crossed by his partner in crime. You’re not going to take that lying down so now you’ve stolen a car to pursue him. Unfortunately the Police are after you too. Each level is passed by driving fast [...]


Catapon Review


How would you like to play Angry Birds in 3D? If the answer is yes then Capaton is the game for you! Although this game is not very original it literally adds a new dimension to the gameplay. The goal, much like Angry Birds, is to kill all of the baddies by catapulting projectiles at [...]

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Brawler Bear Arena Preview


Brawler Bear Arena is a free side-scrolling beat-em-up created by Super Donkey Balls. There are already plenty of free games in this genre however this one is looking especially good. What seperates it from the rest is the huge amount of customisation, upgrades and items that you can collect. To help manage these there is [...]

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