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Slippy Soldiers

Slippy Soldiers is a bizarre physics skill game.  The goal is to get all of the soldiers back into their barracks which would be easy – if they weren’t so damn slippy!  You can scoop them up and try to drop them on the barracks however they will often slip from your grasp.  Another option [...]


The Axis of Evie

If we’ve learned anything from Sci Fi movies it’s that if you make artificial intelligence sophisticated enough it will eventually become self aware and attempt to destroy mankind. In a similar fashion to Skynet in the Terminator franchise and “the machines” in The Matrix trilogy, Evie is a computer system which has done just that. [...]

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The boy who rolled (and rolled)

Christopher Plump is a greedy child.  In fact, that is an understatement; he is a PHENOMENALLY greedy child.  For breakfast he has been known to eat 2 dozen eggs.  These are not your run of the mill chicken eggs either – they ceased to satisfy him years ago.  No, we’re talking giant, almost the size [...]

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Downpour: The Wizard and the Clouds

Downpour is a platform puzzle game starring the adorable Wizard Skybeard. As per most platform games you control our hero by using the arrow keys to make him run, jump and travel up/down ladders. Some obstacles are impassable without help however and this is where things get interesting. Wizard Skybeard is able to cast a [...]

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Jigger Ball Fever

Before you can understand Jigger Ball Fever you must first understand what a jigger ball is. A Jigger ball is a small rubber ball containing an animal. Some of these animals are nice fluffy little creatures while others are horrible slimy monsters with jagged teeth. Naturally we want there to be more of the former [...]

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The Long Arm of the Lawn

You may think the title is a typo. It isn’t. This is not a game about the British police force (the long arm of the law) but instead a game about a garden lawn from which a giant arm has sprouted. The game takes place in inner city London. The lawn in question is your [...]

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Smokey Salmon Super Slap

Smokey Salmon Super Slap is shaping up to be a truly bizarre game. As the player you take control of a salmon called Smokey. Smokey was bred in a laboratory as part of a gene splicing experiment. The goal of this particular experiment was to birth a Salmon with human arms. The experiment was a [...]

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Divider Walkthrough

Divider is a new online game presented by  It’s a challenging game so we have set up this page to help! Video Walkthrough How to Play At the bottom of the screen there is a target number. Your goal is to cut the red shapes until there is that many pieces on the screen. [...]

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Feed the Animals Walkthrough


Feed The Animals is a brand new skill/puzzle game brought to you by  Some of the levels are tricky so here is a full video walkthrough showing the solutions for every level.  Please only use it if you’re really stuck though.  Figuring out the solutions for yourself is half the fun! Video Walkthrough Stuck? [...]


The Cheese Hunter


The Cheese Hunter is a new free puzzle game coming soon to The object of the game is to deliver the morsel of cheese to the mouse hole. The game features various objects that will make this goal more challenging. The game also requires you to use your resourcefulness and whatever items are on [...]

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