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Red Remover BLAST launching Sunday!

Red Remover has been played over 115 million times.  On Sunday the explosive sequel is being released!  Here's a trailer:

The game will be free on the app store for both the iPhone and iPad.  If you enjoyed Red Remover you'll love it!

How to play:
In the original game the goal was to remove all of the red shapes from each level by touching them.  This time around they are immune to touch.  Instead you have to knock them off using explosions!  Your explosions send the light red shapes flying so clearing them is no problem. Dark red shapes prove tougher because they are unaffected by your blasts. Don't let that stop you however just use other shapes to knock them off. Finally there are green shapes.  You must keep these on the screen at all costs because, well, they're adorable.

To make things more interesting there are also 8 PLANES OF GRAVITY!   Some shapes fall up, some right, some left and some diagonal. You can always tell which way they will fall though by looking at the shapes faces.

Format:  iPhone & iPad (Universal)

More info:

Release Date: 30 March 2014


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