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Red Remover BLAST – Web Version Launched Today!

Red Remover BLAST was launched for the iPhone a little while back but the free web version just came out today. It's my biggest web-game yet. For comparison the walkthrough videos for Red Remover added up to 11 minutes but in Red Remover BLAST they total 45. This time around there are different game modes, game challenges and a new tangerine accumulating mini game. There are also some differences in gameplay from the original. The most significant one is that you now use explosions to remove the red shapes rather than clicking them. This means that some of the challenges require more skill as you must accurately blast shapes across the screen. Coin mode puts a new spin on the levels as it requires you to move the shapes to specific places in order to collect the coins. There are also 4 more planes of gravity as shapes can fall diagonally, making 8 planes of gravity in total. I actually started making this game 5 years ago but I abandoned it after some similar games came out. I guess I wasn't the only one playing Steven Spielberg's BoomBlox at the time! I haven't seen any new physics exploding games for a while though so I figured it was time to finish it off. I hope you enjoy my new game, I certainly had fun making it!

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