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Rotten Rutter

Rotten Rutter is an interesting point and click adventure that is currently in production.  Gameplay is similar to the classic adventure games by Lucas Arts and, more recently, Tall Tale Studios.  The game stars Rutter; an anti-hero who has his heart set on world domination.  Unfortunately for him (and fortunately for everybody else) he is completely incompetent.  Although his schemes are incredibly elaborate and often very clever he fails to plan for the most obvious problems that might occur.  For instance on one occasion he shrunk himself to the size of an ant in order to sneak into MI5.  On his way there he encountered an ants nest however and ended up fighting for his life against the beasts.  On another occasion he built a machine that permanently disables all electronics within a half mile radius.  He planned to drive it around the country past all key government and military buildings in order to cause total disarray.  The second he turned it on however is permanently disabled his car and he was not able to drive it anywhere.  We are very excited for the release of this free game so we can see what other antics Rutter gets up to.  As with most point and adventures you must journey around looking for items to add to your inventory and places to use them.  You are also able to talk to various characters in the game who can help further your campaign.  Some you must negotiate with while others provide information or comic relief.  It is impossible to die the game is about solving puzzles more than anything else.  The developers hope to make this in to an episodic game series.  That means if the first release is successful you can expect more to come.  Can you help Rutter take over the world?  Can you help him avoid capture?  Or maybe the best you can hope for is to save him from himself.  Soon we'll be able to find out!

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