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Small Paul, Tall Paul

Paul is ordinary in every way except two.  Every time he eats a grape he shrinks to one tenth his usual size.  His Doctor claims it is caused by a very rare allergic reaction.  So rare in fact he is the only sufferer.  To describe his tiny state his mother has coined the nickname “Small Paul”.  She had a frightful shock the first time it happened.  Imagine giving your baby a grape for the first time only for him to immediately disappear.  On closer inspection she found him cheerfully gurgling away deep inside his baby seat.  Fortunately the effects are temporary and soon enough Paul returned to his normal size.  Paul also has a problem eating mushrooms.  Upon eating a mushroom Paul quadruples in size.  Again the effects are only temporary.  This condition is slightly less rare as there is one other sufferer – a rather famous one in fact.  A stocky Italian plumber by the name of Mario.  Mario’s condition is less severe however as he usually only doubles in size.  When Paul is in this large state his mother liked to call him Tall Paul and the nickname stuck.  If you like to use your imagination you might imagine Paul using these abilities to get up to all kinds of shenanigans.  He didn’t ask for this but he sure as grapes is going to make the most of it.  The game kicks off with you controlling Paul as a 8 year old child.  You must use his abilities to terrify some school bullies, sneak into a classroom after arriving late and pull a hilarious prank on the school headmaster.  Cut forward 10 years and you must creep out of the house without your parents noticing, rescue people from a burning building then sneak your way into a rave without being stepped on!  The next stage sees you jump forward another 10 years.  By this point Paul has a job as a secret agent.  His ability to turn small is perfect for espionage and Tall Paul comes in very handy when he needs to go full Rambo and escape from a bad situation. The bulk of the game sees you playing through various missions at this stage of his life.  Finally we jump forward one last time.  Paul is now an old man living in as Nursing Home.  After hearing about a disaster on the News however he decides to go out with a bang.  As the player you must help him carry out one more good deed to end them all.  Look out for Small Paul, Tall Paul – an interesting free game that you can play in your web browser!

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