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Free Game - Disaster Will Strike

Disaster Will Strike

Nobody likes bad eggs. It's a little extreme to wish natural disasters on them but that's exactly what they'll face in this game. Play as Mother Nature and use every trick in the book to destroy those eggs!

65992 plays.

Free Game - Awesome Tanks

Awesome Tanks

Is there any other kind of tank? Enjoy this colorful top down shooter.

64589 plays.

Free Game - Pursuit of Hat

Pursuit of Hat

This hat costs an arm and a leg, literally!

63449 plays.

Free Game - 3 Slices 2

3 Slices 2

Slice the shapes in this fun physics puzzle game. Can you remove enough of the colored shapes to pass each level?

58094 plays.

Free Game - Hanger 2

Hanger 2

Hanger returns and he's ready to swing his heart out!

52880 plays.

Free Game - Zombocalypse


Kill the zombies...

52697 plays.

Free Game - Papa's Burgeria

Papa's Burgeria

Papa makes a mean burger.

51570 plays.

Free Game - Rocket Toilet

Rocket Toilet

That toilet brush is really going to help.

50295 plays.

Free Game - Super Stacker 2

Super Stacker 2

A quirky puzzle game. Try to stack the shapes without any falling off the screen!

47175 plays.

Free Game - Bubble Cannon 2

Bubble Cannon 2

Pop as many bubbles as possible by performing trickshots and bouncing them off each other. What level can you reach?

46650 plays.

Free Game - Roly-Poly Cannon

Roly-Poly Cannon

I would look worried too if I was sat in front of a cannon.

45034 plays.

Free Game - Bubble Shooter 3

Bubble Shooter 3

Enjoy this updated version of Bubble Shooter. Each time you clear the board you move up a rung on the ladder. How high can you climb?

43031 plays.

Free Game - Pirates of the Stupid Seas

Pirates of the Stupid Seas

Sink the stupid pirate ships in this action physics projectile game.

42963 plays.

Free Game - Liftoff 2012

Liftoff 2012

Pilot the Defender space shuttle through an onslaught of meteors to discover their mysterious source!

42729 plays.

Free Game - Simple Motions

Simple Motions

Use tokens to help the red jelly ball collect all of the stars then reach the red flag.

42626 plays.

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