3 Slices 2

3 Slices 2 is a sequel to the popular physics puzzle game 3 Slices. The goal in both games is to remove as much of the colored shapes as possible from the screen. This is achieved by slicing the shapes. In addition to red shapes this sequel now contains blue shapes. They act the same as the red ones except for one thing - they fall up! Can you reach the target percentages throughout the game? If you can there are 2 new game modes to unlock. Good luck!

How to play: The goal in 3 Slices 2 is to remove as much red and blue from the screen as possible. You do this by slicing them. Press the left mouse button to begin slicing then release it to to cut the shape. It is possible to slice more than one shape at once. If you are having trouble slicing it may be that you are moving your mouse pointer out of the game area, make sure it stays in there. In addition to the red and blue shapes there are also white shapes. It doesn’t matter if these shapes stay or go. It is often vital to use them also to solve some of the puzzles.

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