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Free Games for your Website

Adding free games to your website is an excellent way to entertain your visitors, make them associate your website with having a good time and keep them coming back. Feel free to add any of the games featured on this page to your website. If you need any help adding them feel free to contact me and I will be happy to help out.

HTML5 Games

You can grab the embed codes for many of our games on our Game Distribution page. If you would to buy ad-free or customised versions of our games take a look at our License Games Page.

HTML5 games are extremely flexible and can be played on a wide range of devices either in a webpage or as a native app. Compatible devices include PC, tablet, mobile and even Smart TV’s! Want a custom game, games package or bespoke game portal? Send us a message and lets chat about it!

Flash Games

Flash games were a staple around the web for over a decade. Unfortunately flash is no longer compatible with most browsers but it is still possible to play flash games using certain plugins such as ruffle.js. You are welcome to use these games in this way. All games marked with a * are ones that I personally developed, in total they were played hundreds of millions of times! -Gaz

FreeGames.org Flash Games

Here are some flash games I have published under the brand “FreeGames.org”. Note: Flash is no longer supported by most browsers, check out our HTML5 games for greater compatibility).

Box Clever 2

Box Clever 2* - [Play] - [Download]

Hardest Free Game

Hardest Free Game* - [Play] - [Download]

Tangerine Tycoon

Tangerine Tycoon* - [Play] - [Download]

Penguin Bubble

Penguin Bubble - [Play] - [Download]

Hardest Game

Hardest Game* - [Play] - [Download]

Pest Destroyer

Pest Destroyer - [Play] - [Download]


Uniwords - [Play] - [Download]

Liftoff 2012

Liftoff 2012 - [Play] - [Download]


Meteors* - [Play] - [Download]

Gravity Boy

Gravity Boy* - [Play] - [Download]

TGH Flash Games

Here are some flash games that I published for my original game website, TheGameHomepage.com. Red Remover is my favourite. Note: Flash is no longer supported by most browsers, check out our HTML5 games for greater compatibility).

3 Slices 2

3 Slices 2* - [Play] - [Download]

3 Slices

3 Slices* - [Play] - [Download]

Pumpkin Remover 3

Pumpkin Remover 3* - [Play] - [Download]

Red Remover Player Pack 2

Red Remover Player Pack 2* - [Play] - [Download]

Gravity Boy Level Pack

Gravity Boy Level Pack* - [Play] - [Download]

Box Clever Level Pack

Box Clever Level Pack* - [Play] - [Download]

Pumpkin Remover 2

Pumpkin Remover 2* - [Play] - [Download]

Red Remover Player Pack

Red Remover Player Pack* - [Play] - [Download]

Trollface The Game

Trollface The Game* - [Play] - [Download]

Pumpkin Remover

Pumpkin Remover* - [Play] - [Download]

Let’s Jump

Let’s Jump - [Play] - [Download]

Red Remover

Red Remover* - [Play] - [Download]

Bubble Cannon 2

Bubble Cannon 2* - [Play] - [Download]

Box Clever

Box Clever* - [Play] - [Download]

Bubble Cannon

Bubble Cannon* - [Play] - [Download]


Scriball* - [Play] - [Download]

Tower Stacker

Tower Stacker* - [Play] - [Download]

Maze Man 2

Maze Man 2* - [Play] - [Download]

Super Stacker

Super Stacker* - [Play] - [Download]

Trickshot Golf

Trickshot Golf* - [Play] - [Download]

Scope: First Blood

Scope: First Blood* - [Play] - [Download]


MIRC - [Play] - [Download]

Ragdoll Course

Ragdoll Course* - [Play] - [Download]

Square Divide Time Trial

Square Divide: Time Trial* - [Play] - [Download]


Topple - [Play] - [Download]

Maze Man

Maze Man* - [Play] - [Download]

Squareman 3

Squareman 3 - [Play] - [Download]

Particle Blaster

Particle Blaster* - [Play] - [Download]

Chu Chu Chu

tChu (Chu Chu Chu) - [Play] - [Download]


Avalanche - [Play] - [Download]

Squareman 2

Squareman 2 - [Play] - [Download]

Square Divide

Square Divide* - [Play] - [Download]

Hungry Blocks

Hungry Blocks* - [Play] - [Download]


Squareman - [Play] - [Download]

The Stupidity Test

The Stupidity Test* - [Play] - [Download]

Go Squirrel Go!

Go Squirrel Go!* - [Play] - [Download]


OMG INVADERS!* - [Play] - [Download]

Tangerine Panic XMAS

Tangerine Panic XMAS* - [Play] - [Download]

Tangerine Panic

Tangerine Panic* - [Play] - [Download]

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