5 Free Games That Mess With Gravity

Gravity. It’s always there bringing us back to earth and generally dragging us down. Even if you travel into space it’s still there (albeit a lot weaker). Have you ever dreamed of a world without normal gravity? If so check out our run down of the top 5 free games that turn gravity on its head!


In this game you are able to split your character in 2, both of which walk in opposite directions when you use the controls. In addition to that you can split it vertically, one version will walk on the ground while the other walks on the roof! As if that’s not complicated enough you can also use blue doors to flip over the characters current vertical orientation. Whew, I think this game is actually simpler to play than explain!

Red Remover

This classic casual puzzle was the first game of its kind to feature multiple planes of gravity. The rules of the game are simple, remove all the red shapes whilst keeping the greens. Light red shapes can be removed by simply clicking them wheras dark red shapes must be knocked off the screen. A simple concept but the multiple planes of gravity lead to some interesting puzzles. Don’t forget to look at the shapes faces to see which way they will fall!

Gravity Boy & Gravity Boy Level Pack

Gravity flipping is what this game is all about! The goal of the game is to collect all of the coins on each level then reach the exit. This would be impossible if it wasn’t for the fact you can alter the direction of gravity at any time. Hit space to enter gravity limbo, use the arrow keys to select a new direction, then hit space again to continue playing. The catch is you must change gravity as few times as possible to get the most stars.

Orange Gravity

When life gives you multiple directions of gravity, make lemonade! Shorten, lengthen, slice and move ropes to help this happy orange collect all the lemons. Gravity will change direction every time the orange touches an arrow. Fans of Cut The Rope on the iPhone will find this mechanic familiar.  The varied levels throughout this game are good enough however that it’s worth checking out even if you’re a Cut The Rope veteran!