A Guide to Infectonator 2

Infectonator is back with better graphics and better upgrades so that you can have even more fun infecting people and turning them into Zombies.  To start a zombie infection you must select the city you wish to infect from your world map and then select an area of your chosen city in which to release your zombie virus.  Use your mouse to release the virus and every nearby human will be infected and turned into zombies.  A chain reaction will then ensue whereby these Zombies will in turn infect other humans before they die.  A certain percentage of humans bitten will turn to zombies, however some will fight back.  As you progress through the game the cities become harder and harder to zombify but fortunately you can upgrade your zombies to make them faster, stronger, more resistant and better at infecting people.  In addition you may also buy special breeds of powerful zombies by collecting coins.  Coins may be earned by killing or turning a humans into zombies or by completing various level objectives or by completely destroying a city’s population.  You may also purchase various weapons such as grenades and landmines which will help you in your quest to overcome the world.  The game is completed once every city on your world map has fallen.

Check out the Infectontor 2 gameplay video below!

Infectonator 2 Gameplay: