Best Free Games of the Week - 25th March 2012

Featuring Peace Break: Hero, War of the Web, Mega Mash, Jungle Wars, Cargo Shipment, Pirates of the Stupid Seas!, Pocket Creature, Axon, Decision and Simple Motions.

Here at we scour the internet for the best new free game releases each week so that you don’t have to! This week has seen the release of two swashbuckling pirate themed games, a game that mashes up seven different game genres into one game, a very laid back physics puzzler as well as a game about an all out war between websites for the control of planet mars.

Peace Break: Hero

Peace Break: Hero is an arena shooting game.  Your previously peaceful planet is under attack from dark forces and as the hero you must destroy the 20 different enemy types that are invading and stay alive as long as possible.  There are 36 upgrades to earn during your mission.  So what are you waiting for?  It’s time for you to save the world.


 War of the Web

Every site wants to claim Mars for themselves, and all out war has broken out between New Geo, Kong, Armora, F.A.C.E., and Jiggs! You and your fellow commanders from New Geo will have to band together if you hope to achieve victory –Build up cities, construct space-ships, and claim Mars for New Geo!


Mega Mash

Mega Mash is a collection of seven interrelated games. As you play the game you skip between playing the different games using the abilities that you have gained in one game to help in the other game. The games range from mario style platform games to space shoot ‘em up games to Ninja fighting games.  If you are indecisive and can’t decide which genre game to play then this is the game for you!



The city is overrun with Zombies that must be destroyed.  You have a variety of weapons at your disposal and whether you decide to slaughter the zombies with your shotgun, flamethrower or rocket launcher you will have equally as much fun.



Jungle Wars

In Jungle Wars you are a soldier and must kill all the pirates in each level by hurling grenades at them.  As the levels progress you must pass the grenade from soldier to soldier in order to be able to shoot it at the pirate.  Although the game isn’t entirely original it is good fun.


Cargo Shipment

In Cargo Shipment you live in a pixel city called New York and you work as a transport company manager.  Your job is to ensure that all the cars, lorries, buses etc… are completely loaded with people when the are driving from A to B.  You start the game with $1,000 and must use this to purchase warehouses, which you must then strategically place to get all the vehicles filled up with people.  If a vehicle arrives at its destination without being completely full then you will lose the vehicle.  If you lose all the vehicles then the game will be over.


 Pirates of the Stupid Seas!

Pirates of the Stupid Seas is a physics based shooting game featuring the adventures of Captain James T. Stinkbeard. The object of the game is to shoot and destroy other pirate ships that you encounter. Even though the game is not overly challenging it is well presented and incredibly fun.


Pocket Creature

The kingdom is being ruled by a repressive, tyrrancal king who must be overthrown.  You have decided to do this by forming an army of Pocket Creatures.  The first step is to purchase a squad of adolescent monsters which you must then nurture and evolve until you have the strongest army possible. When it comes to the battles its all about strategy and bigger monsters aren’t necessairily better.



In Axon your goal is to grow your brain by  forming neural connections as quickly as possible. Neurons can only be stretched so far and as time passes this distance decreases rapidly. Along the way you may encounter different colored protein targets that will increase your reach or speed but be careful of competing neurons that can cut off your path! Although this game is incredibly short if it is highly addictive.


Simple Motions

Simple Motions is a physics based puzzle game with a simple enough goal - use the red ball to collect all the stars before finally collecting the flag.  The challenge comes from the fact that you can not directly control the ball and must use tokens to direct how the ball will move and there is a limit to how many tokens that you can place in each level.  The game has a very mellow soundtrack and although not very challenging is very relaxing to play.


Have you enjoyed playing these games? Have we missed any games out? Feel free to comment below!