Best Free Games of the Week - September 18th 2011

Featuring ClickPlay Rainbow, Scuba, The Lance, Murloc RPG: Episode 1 and K.O.L.M 2

This week has flown by and its time again for our round up of the best free games that have been released this week.

This week has seen the release of some extremely popular adventure games such as Brother, ClickPlay Rainbow, Tamus and Mitta Adventures, Dirk Valentine, Super Filly Adventures, Time Killer, Scuba and K.O.L.M 2.

Brother is a point and click puzzle adventure game in which your family has been blown away by some icy cold winds.  To rescue them you must collect items and solve puzzles that don’t have instructions.  Another mouse based discovery puzzler released this week is ClickPlay Rainbow.  To complete a level you must click play, which would be simple if you knew where the play button is! In Tamus and Mitta Adventures the sun has had all of its toys stolen by evil bats.  In the game you play as either Tamus or Mitta and search through underground mines to get all 120 of them back.  In Dirk Valentine its 1897 and you at war with the Baron who has invaded Europe.  In the game you play as Britain’s greatest spy, explorer and fighter and your mission is to beat the Baron’s army of soldiers and steam punk machines.  Your weapon is your Chain Gun, which you can use to annihilate your enemy, collect medals and create platforms. This game is an excellent release and will certainly not disappoint. In Time Killer you work for a company who expects too much and takes too much so you set about to destroy all the clocks.  Super Filly Adventure is a cute adventure pony game which has multiple endings for you to find and Scuba is a Minecraft and Terraria inspired game (see below) whilst K.O.L.M 2 is the story of an emotionally abused robot.

This week has also seen the release of some great skill and shooting games namely Pogo Swing, The Lance and Teelombies.  In Pogo Swing you must try to jump as far as you can off a swing on a pogo stick.  The further you jump the more money you earn and the more money you earn the more you can upgrade your swing. In Teelombies you launch your green zombies over the high walls of human forts where they eat any survivors.  If you do well then you will be able to get upgrades for more efficient human slaughtering. Another great skill game is The Lance in which you are a knight and must knock off as many of your opponents as possible (see below).

If you are into Puzzle games then Roly - Poly Eliminator 2 is well worth a play.  In this game you must remove, slice and explode objects to annihilate the evil roly-polys.  Although some of the levels are relatively simple in this game, the addition of stars makes it a whole new challenge.

In epic battle games this week is Murloc RPG 2 (see below) and Sarens.  In Sarens your enemy has reached the Sarens Valley and you must battle to protect survivors and defend your land.  Although your enemy has magical powers you have the three great elements Ice, fire and Lightening on your side.

So every week we must choose our 5 favourite free games and this week they are cue drum roll ClickPlay Rainbow, Scuba, The Lance, Murloc RPG: Episode 1 and K.O.L.M 2.


ClickPlay Rainbow

ClickPlay Rainbow is Ninjadoodle’s latest light hearted point and click adventure game.  To complete the game you must solve some puzzles and complete a number of mini games all with the goal of finding and clicking the play button, which you must figure out how to find.  Levels range from the blindingly obvious to frustratingly difficult




In Scuba you have crash landed your space rocket into an alien environment and must explore both the land and the ocean of your new planet to find parts to rebuild your engine so you can get home.  Once you find the parts you will have to assemble them into items that will be of use to you.  The alien world that you are in is randomly generated so you can return to this game again and again and will get a different experience each time.


The Lance

The Lance, as the title suggests, is a jousting game in which you play a knight who want to win the Kings jousting competition to get the prestige title of The Lance.  To do this you must win each jousting tournament by knocking your opponent off his horse.  To be successful you need to build up enough speed and have a perfect aim.  Good Luck!


Murloc RPG: Episode 1 The developer of this game always wanted to play a Murloc in World of Warcraft and knowing this wasn’t going to happen he developed his own Murloc game.  This game is has lots of quests to complete and plenty of areas to explore so will be sure to keep you busy for hours, which it should do as it took the developer over a year to complete.



K.O.L.M 2

K.O.L.M. 2 is the sequel to K.O.L.M.  K.O.L.M is an emotionally abused sad little robot who just wants to please.  In the game you play as K.O.L.M trying to escape a depressing, barren environment.  As you progress through the game you can collect upgrades to enhance your abilities to help you along the way.  In the game your worst enemy is sunlight, which you must be sure to avoid along with spikes and beasts.  What might you find at the end of this game? Can K.O.L.M escape or will he never be a free robot?



What do you think?  Did you enjoy playing these games this week?  Did we leave any out?  Feel free to comment below…