Best Free Pirate Games

Featuring Pirate Launch, Roll Roll Pirate, Pirate Golf Adventure, Frantic Frigates and Pirate Dress Up

Ahoy! landlovers. Today be talk like a pirate day and t’ commemorate this special day here at we thought we would share our favourite pirate games for you t’ play! Enjoy!


Pirate Launch

Launch t’ pirate across oceans filled with whales, sharks and mines so that he can get his treaaye. Use your mouse t’ aim and hold down t’ mouse button t’ get t’ starboard power then fire. Get over t’ obstacles or you will find yourself empty handed and in davy jones’ locker



Roll Roll Pirate

Roll Pirate has been sailin’ t’ seven seas thievin’, pillagin’ and bein’ generally unpleasant. When his ship be full o’ treaaye he decides it be time t’ head for home. However, a fire breaks out in his ship and an explosion scatters his precious treaaye across t’ oceans. In t’ game you must help recover Roll Pirate’s treaaye from t’ surroundin’ Islands. T’ do this you roll Roll Pirate through dangerous islands, windin’ paths tryin’ t’ avoid any traps along t’ way


Pirate Golf Adventure Did you know that Pirates like golf? By pottin’ t’ golf ball you help Caribo t’ pirate board a pirate ship, rescue a damsel in distress and find his way off t’ desert island. There be eight holes in t’ game and you must beat them all t’ win. You can earn bonus points for collectin’ gold and takin’ fewer shots



Frantic Frigates

Be kin’ o’ t’ seas in this top down pirate ship shootin’ game. Fire your six pounders at other pirate ships and collect any treaaye that you see floatin’ about. You can then use your pilffered treaaye t’ purchase ship upgrades. Be careful o’ t’ sharks and alien ghosts.. don’t say ye have not been warned…



Pirate Dress Up

If Captain Jack Sparrow be more your kind o’ thin’ then try this Pirates o’ t’ Caribbean inspired dress up game. In t’ game you can fully customize Captain Jack Sparrow’s outfit from everythin’ from his hair t’ his boots then admire your work as he stands in fore o’ his beloved Black Pearl.


We hope you enjoy playin’ our collection o’ swashbucklin’ free pirate games… be sure to comment below if ye have anythin’ constructive to write…