Gravity Boy Walkthrough

This is the official walkthrough for the free web game Gravity Boy.

Gravity Boy is a puzzle platform game which allows you to alter the direction of gravity at any time.  To alter gravity you simply press the space key, rotate the level to the desired direction, then hit the space key again to continue playing.  This is called a “gravity shift”

There are 2 modes of play:

1. Normal Mode

The goal here is to collect all of the coins and reach the exit.  You can use an unlimited number of gravity shifts to do this but it is better to use fewer shifts so you get more stars.

2. Speed Run

Here the goal is to beat a set of levels as fast as possible.  The faster you can do them the more stars you will be rewarded.  It doesn’t matter how many gravity shifts you use.  As a result you’ll find the best way to beat these levels is often completely different to how you would beat them in normal mode.


Stars are used in the game to unlock new levels so it’s worth earning as many as possible.

Below there are 2 walkthrough videos.  Between them they show you how to earn every star in the game.  If you get stuck on a level use these to help!

All levels with 5 stars (normal mode)

All speedruns with 10 stars