Our Favorite Zombie Games

Featuring Destroy All Zombies 3,5, Zombie Farm, Zombie Taxi 2, Zombie Exploder, Endless Zombie Rampage and Zombocalypse

Here at Freegames.org we love a good zombie movie! Here we round up our favorite zombie games so that you can fight off those zombies just like the heroes on the big screen… and since 2012 is predicted to be the end of the world the skills you learn whilst playing these games might just come in handy.

Destroy All Zombies 3.5

You are all alone on planet Earth and are surrounded by zombies.  Destroy All Zombies 3.5 is a shooting game in which you must shoot and kill the enemy zombies.  As you progress through the game you can unlock better weapons so that you can wreak even more destruction. Can you survive through 20 waves of enemies?

Zombie Farm

It is a perfect day in the world… the stock market is doing exceedingly well and everyone is rich. It is the perfect time for you to unleash an army of zombies to collect the world’s wealth for you.  Before you can do this you must first plant corpses and then harvest zombies on your very own Zombie Farm. This game is fantastic for anyone bored of killing zombies…

Zombie Taxi 2

In Zombie Taxi 2 you are right in the middle of a zombie invasion and must try to save as many people as possible by picking them up in your car and dropping them off before the zombies get them. If you can flatten some zombies along the way then that’s a bonus.  Ticks all the boxes if you love both driving games and zombie games!

Zombie Exploder

Zombie Exploder is a challenging full on combat game in which you destroy wave upon wave of zombies with your bare hands. Kick and punch the zombies until they are dismembered as you make your way down a 20 story high skyscraper. Be careful to conserve your energy whilst playing and remember that whilst flying kicks are highly amusing they will cause your character to tire quickly.

Endless Zombie Rampage

In Endless Zombie Rampage you must survive endless waves of zombie attack. As you progress through the game you can upgrade your weapons and character to help you beat increasingly difficult waves of zombie attack. As you start to kill the zombies their blood starts to spew out everywhere and you soon find yourself knee deep in the stuff! The game also features survival mode if your just want plain and simple zombie killing action.


Zombocalypse is set in December 2012. Your chopper has crashed whilst on a surveillance mission and you find yourself surrounded by zombies who are quickly closing in. You must fight them off in this classic arcade style game. As you progress you can upgrade your weapons and even call for back up.

We hope that you enjoyed playing our selection of free zombie games. Please feel free to comment below!