Red Remover BLAST Walkthrough

Below are the official walkthrough videos for Red Remover BLAST made by me, Gaz, the developer of the game. These should cover everything you need to complete the entire game (apart from the tangerine bit but I’m sure you won’t have too much trouble with that). For some levels multiple solutions are shown. For example sometimes I demonstrate an easy way to solve the level followed by how to do it on/under par. It’s also worth noting that enough levels are beaten under par in these videos that it will enable you to beat that challenge and unlock the final extra hard levels.

Note: These wakthrough videos are for the web version of the game.

Levels 1-40

Levels 1-40 - Coin Mode

Bonus Levels 41-50 (normal & coin mode)

Extra Hard Levels 51-55 (normal & coin mode)