Draggy Towers

Draggy Towers is a Match 3 Tower Defense game created by Curtastic. Drag gold, wood, coal and stone to merge them and create Towers to defend against the incoming dragons.

Draggy Towers Tips

Gold chests can be combined to get even more swaps.

You can move anything, even if it doesn’t create a match.

You can drag anything off the edge into the water.

You can drag stone into the castle to heal it 1 heart. The castle has a maximum of 15 hearts.

You can drag an arrow tower into the castle turret to arm it with arrows. The arrow tower stays there forever.

Castle windows show you what resource is going to fall in next in the column.

Castle gates let you use an extra space in the castle to make matches. If a dragon hits the gate, it deals double damage.

Icebergs slow dragons on them, just like a silver Ice Wall.

A hill will stop tiles from falling down off of it or onto it.

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