Critter Klondike

A Klondike Solitaire game by Gaz (creator of this site) and his close friend Chaz. Themed with Chaz’s CritterCraft characters!

Klondike is the most popular online solitaire version. The goal is to sort all the cards in to 4 stacks at the top of the screen. Each stack contains one suit only and goes incrementally from A to King. You will need to rearrange the cards to achieve this. In the play area you can move any card on to another as long as the number is one smaller and the opposite color. Tap the deck to get more cards to help with this. “Draw 1” is the easier version of the game and “Draw 3” is more challenging. Win consecutive games to increase your score. Your progress is saved so feel free to take a break and come back later. Any feedback please let us know as we are actively developing this game alongside my new website Solitaire.io. Thanks! -Gaz

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