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Free Golf Solitaire

Free Golf Solitaire is a simple solitaire variant which anybody can enjoy. All you need to do is find and click a card whose value is 1 higher or lower than the card at the top of the waste pile. Gameplay will be familiar to anybody who has played Tripeaks or Golf Solitaire previously. Gameplay may be simple however the real fun and challenge of this game stems from the huge number of card layouts. Can you beat all 30 levels (holes)? You must defeat a level to unlock the next one so you must beat them all if you want to see them all. There is also 3 difficulty settings for every level which modify the gameplay slightly to make it easier or harder to play. When you play a level on a higher difficulty setting it will be harder to beat but you will get a higher score if you are successful. If you get a good score remember to post it in the comments below. One last thing, don’t let the timer run out. You have 3 minutes to beat each level - take any longer and it’s game over. This is my all time favorite online solitaire game and I hope you enjoy it too! If you do enjoy this should also try playing this new version of the game: Golf Solitaire. It sticks to one simple card layout but challenges you to keep playing extra rounds for more points. Also you can play on any device tablet, mobile or desktop.

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Free Golf Solitaire Game


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