Cats and Hats

A Purr-fect Pixel Puzzle Adventure!

About This Game:

Welcome to the whimsically wonderful world of “Hats on Cats”, where pixelated puzzles and feline fun fuse into an irresistible adventure. This game isn’t just about adorning adorable cats with hats – it’s a strategic journey through a colorful, pixelated universe, filled with challenges that’ll tickle your brain and warm your heart.

Key Features:

Swap and Match Gameplay: Delight in the simple yet engaging mechanics of swiping to switch hats or cats to the left or right. Create the purr-fect lineup to solve the puzzle!

Color Coordination Challenges: Swipe down a hat onto a cat of the same color for a satisfying match. Watch out – as the game progresses, the combinations become increasingly tricky!

Special Glowing Hats: Discover the power of the glowing hats! Clear an entire vertical line with a well-placed glowing hat, making room for more hat-wearing kitties.

Golden Glowing Hats – The Wild Card: These rare golden hats are your best friend in tight spots. Use them on any color cat for that much-needed puzzle-solving flex.

Glitch Cats – Quirky Quandaries: Encounter the mysterious glitch cats, which add a twist to your puzzle strategy. Clear them only with golden hats or by lining them up vertically.

Heart Collection & Board Shuffles: Some cats come with hearts. Collect these to gain the ability to shuffle the board, giving you a fresh perspective and new possibilities.

Written By Charles Gershom of Reality Boffins (Doesn’t actually like cats)

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