Mahjong Gardens

A beautifully designed Mahjong game with five different layouts: Classic, Arena, Hexagon, Hole and Ring. These can be selected by going to the main screen, and clicking on “New Game” - the default layout is the Classic one. As usual, the object is to remove as many tiles as possible, by clicking on matching pairs which are on the edges of the layers. There’s a Hint button, which highlights two matching tiles which could be removed from the board; this highlighting is very subtle and can easily be missed. There is also a Shuffle button to rearrange the remaining tiles - this can only be used three times - usually you will be offered this when there are no more moves on the present layout. Another great feature are the arrows in the bottom left corner; these can be used to appear to “tilt” the tiles over so that there is a 3D effect - very useful when you are trying to see the edges. Finally, birds are released every time a pair of tiles are eliminated - they fly around in the background and tweet! - you will either love or hate them!

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