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Mahjong Ninja

The object of this game, as with most Mahjong games, is to clear the tiles from the board by clicking on matching pairs. This version of Mahjong has five difficulty levels: Dream (very easy), Towers (easy), Cloud (normal), Red Dragon (hard), and Ninja (unbeatable!). In each of these levels the layout of the tiles on the board is different. As usual, the seasons can all be matched with one another, as can the flowers. At the top of the board is the word “Hint”; clicking on this produces a list of possible matches that could be used as the next move. Note that this doesn’t highlight the POSITION of the tiles that could match (as in other versions), just the fact that e.g. there are two Wind - North tiles available. You still have to find the tiles! Ideal for those players who don’t want the game to show them what to do next, but still want some help.

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Mahjong Ninja Game


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