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Square Eating Frenzy

In this shape eat shape world it’s survival of the biggest and, unfortunately, you’re not very big. Not to worry though with enough skill and dexterity any square can eat their way to the top. Take control of the yellow square using your mouse and carefully weave it around the board. That feels good doesn’t it? Next you will want to aim your hungry mouth at the green squares - they are smaller than you and make a delicious snack. The more you eat the more you grow. As you get bigger you may outgrow some red squares in which case they will instantly turn green. Speaking or red squares you’re best off steering clear of them. If a square is red it is bigger than you. If you touch one you will be eaten; what a bummer! Now it is time to test your skill. How big can you get in this geometric eat ‘em up? Can you last long enough to reach rank A?

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Square Eating Frenzy Game


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