3 Slices 2 Walkthrough

3 Slices 2 is a physics puzzle game I created in 2012 and is the sequel to my 2011 game 3 Slices. The rules are the same; using only 3 slices you must remove as much of the colored shapes as you can from the screen. Each level has a target percentage to try and reach to get on to the next one. The gameplay differs from the first game however as there is now blue shapes to contend with in addition to red shapes. Blue shapes must also be removed but their gravity is reversed so they fall up. The levels are all new and also a new mode has been added - 1 Slice Mode. This challenges you to remove as much as possible using only 1 slice.


Video Walkthrough

Here are my developer walkthroughs showing you my solutions for all 3 game modes. There are multiple ways to beat some of the levels though so feel free to get creative with your own solutions.

Normal Mode (2000%):

2 Slice Mode:

1 Slice Mode: