Red Remover Player Pack Walkthrough

Here is the developer walkthrough for my 2010 physics puzzle game Red Remover Player Pack. After I released Red Remover in 2009 players used the included level editor to make hundreds of thousands of levels. Many were posted on The Game Homepage forums and this is a selection of some that I really enjoyed. Many of the levels posted were incredibly hard and I wasn’t sure the average player would be able to beat them (some took me over 50 attempts!). In order to appeal to more people I chose some of the easier levels for this pack. That said they are still pretty challenging!


Note: Incase you are wondering why it says “By Harry” in the video - that’s my wife. She put the video together from clips of me playing so you didn’t have to watch my many failed attempts!

Video Walkthrough

The walkthrough is divided in to 2 parts. All 40 levels are beaten on par or better. To beat a level on par you must do sousing the same number of clicks or less than the par value displayed on the level select screen.

Levels 1-20:

Levels 21-40:

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